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Why You Should Comment On Other Blogs



It is very useful to write blog comments on a daily basis, but bloggers tend to forget a very important thing: it’s essential to write comments on other blogs. The best is probably to put comments on blogs in similar topics with your blog.

Why should you do that? Because you can get relevant backlinks from relevant websites. It has very strong SEO potential that you should not miss.


There is much more for you out there if you comment on other blogs

In my experience, classic SEO tactics – like linkbuilding – have less effect on blogs than they used to have in recent years. I don’t think it’s worth it to build “artificial but seems to be natural” links because of the little effect rate and the risk of getting penalty from Google.

Commenting on other blogs is a much better way of getting backlinks because it’s just natural. Generally, website owners do not like spam commenters or people who just put short comments like “Thanks for this! Great!”.

I suggest you comment in your free time when you do not write your blog, but every time you need to provide value. Why am I telling this? Lots of blogs have comment plugins that put backlinks to the comment profile. I think it’s normal to provide value for relevant backlinks.

You can get visitors with commenting as well, not just backlinks. Real backlinks are the ones that transfer visitors. I think Google is checking this, or at least they will check the transfer rate in the future.


How to get more comments on your blog

I remember that it was really awesome when my blog received the first comment. I was very happy because I thought that the first comment is the most difficult to get. A very good WordPress plugin to inspire visitors to leave a comment on your website is CommentLuv. People will comment more if they can get backlinks in exchange of commenting.

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