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Why it is Difficult to Start a Blog



Starting a blog is not difficult. You buy a domain name, a webspace, you download the WordPress installation files from and you create or purchase a nice theme. Until this point it’s really very easy. You can even watch a video about How to Install WordPress Manually Using FTP. The main problem appears when you don’t have any idea what to write about.

It happens when you choose a niche that you don’t know well or when you choose a niche just for the money. I’m sure you have read it several times on various blogs: “do not blog for money!”

Yes, of course. It’s understandable: you put effort, time, energy and you want to get something back. It’s different when you write your blog to make money. Personally I would never be successful in certain niches, like diet, flat stomach, etc. Why? Because I really know nothing about these stuff. Ok, I lied, I know fruits and vegetables are healthy. That’s all.

However, I wanted to start a blog about diet but I have cancelled that niche because I managed to write a post about “eating out” in 6 hours. And the sad truth is that I did not have anything else to write.

It’s very important to start a blog about the niche you know well.



Why is it Difficult to Start a Blog?

You have to write posts on a regular basis. By this I mean that it’s not good if you write four posts on the first day, two posts on the second, and then one post two weeks later days later. I know it’s difficult because if you decide to post every day you need to keep this schedule. The worst thing is when you start posting randomly. I know you don’t have much time, neither do I.

Another problem is what you see in your Google Analytics or Webmasters account. Your website has shown up 100 times in the Google search engine results page and you’ve collected five clicks. It’s perfectly normal because almost every new blog has the same. It’s called the Google Sandbox effect.

The Sandbox blocks your website to become popular on search engine result pages. It’s a kind of defense from Google to block spam sites, even though the Sandbox Effect has not been confirmed officially by Google.


The Most Important Things when You Start a Blog

  • Write in the niche you know well
  • Post frequently, according to a schedule
  • Do not copy someone else’s article
  • Do not buy cheap backlink services
  • Get some backlinks
  • Build social network presence
  • Reply to comments
  • Do not give up


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