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Why is Technorati Good?



Technorati is one of the biggest blog search engines. It was founded as the first one. More than a million blogs are already registered there. Why would you want to miss this? It gives a lot of potential to your blog. Backlinks will also pass some link juice to your site. You need to have some blog posts to get registered there.

You can handle Technorati as your secondary blog feed. It gives backlinks and it counts your authority. Higher authority means smaller rank, and smaller rank is always better.



How to Register at

You need to create an account after you have landed on Technorati. You need to add some personal data and type a bio. Your blog can be claimed after your account is created. You can read here more about claiming your blog at Technorati.


How to Improve Technorati Authority?

My authority rank is improving by writing posts on a regular basis. I write posts almost every day when I have some free time. The searching robot will come and crawl your post to the Technoraty directory.

The other main factor is the number of backlinks to your blog, so try to increase this, if possible, while commenting on other blogs in Technorati is another recommended method.


My personal experience

I like this blog directory very much. The chief thing is the authority it gives. Register there if you consider your blog as your business.

You can get some traffic even if you don’t have high authority. The site has a pagerank of 8 and the domain name is very aged. It is good to have quality backlinks without putting big effort in it.

You can check the Wikipedia article about Technorati here.


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