Santa Christmas

What Would You Ask From Santa For Christmas?



Do you have one big wish from Santa? Have you already wrote a mail to him? Did he reply?

If yes then please give me hies real emal address because I have only fake ones.

Let’s imagine you know his address. What would you ask from Santa for Christmas?

I show you know what I would like to get.

I don’t want to win the lottery, I don’t want to be rich overnight. Yes, of course not … have you believed me? Ok, I wouldn’t be depressed if I won but let me explain why I don’t want to win the lottery.

I would like to know what I don’t know now. I want to be sure whenever I have doubts. I want see where the truth is. What is scam and what is not. Who is a liar and who is not.

I want to have 36 hours instead of 24.

So this is what I want. I wrote to Santa but he replied I just need to relax and concentrate on myself.


It seemed to be an auto-reply message. So I wanted something more personal.

I wanted to buy a ticket to wonderland but I had been told not to fly there because Santa’s address is unknown.

Only one choice I had. I stood in front of the mirror and I told myself: I don’t need to receive my wish from Santa. I can do things without him.

My wish would be the knowledge of Google serp (search engine result page) manipulation. I would be bigger superhero than Superman. I could raise companies to heaven or put them to burn.

I don’t want to be injustice to anybody and I’m not smart enough to judge on serps. I leave this job for Google.

At the end of the day I’ve just wished Merry Christmas to Santa.

What’s your wish? Do you believe in Santa?



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