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Why You Should Always Use Strong Passwords



A weak password is like an open door. Anybody can enter with little effort. Sleeping with the doors open is probably not so dangerous in several countries but it definitely is on the internet. Weak passwords are simple dictionary words and names like: window, wall, ball, Jane, Michael, etc.

You can set a strong password if you use at least 15 characters, capital letters, numbers and symbols: j!Cs7TP488A2@4Y

I have found some good websites where you can generate strong passwords:


How to Remember Strong Passwords?

The best application is LastPass where you can store your passwords. You can use LastPass addons in your browsers, it fills the password for you. It’s highly recommended to use a very strong password on LastPass that you can remember.



How to Prevent Your Website from Being Hacked

The first and most important thing: always use your own computer when entering password. There’s no way to know if there is a keylogger or any other malware on someone else’s pc. Probably the owner doesn’t know anything about undesired applications on his computer so it’s not enough if you ask him about the security. A keylogger can get your strong password easily because it records keyboard input.

Use firewall and anti-virus software. Update the definitions database regularly.

Do not browse fraud websites, never reply to spam emails.

Don’t give to anybody your logins and passwords. Don’t use the same password on different sites.

And the last thing is: don’t use weak passwords.



The weakest point of a password is always the human factor. A friend of mine gave his password to his colleague and his login credentials got changed totally. There was a big rush to get it back. Handle your login credentials with responsibility, that’s the best you can do.



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