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Why You Should Use Long Tail Keywords in Blog Titles for SEO



One of the best methods of having traffic from search engines is by the strategy of long tail keywords. If you optimize your site or blog post for a one word keyword, then probably you won’t have much success because the competition is very high for these. The problem with short keywords is accuracy. When you search kiss, you get to the famous band, but searching first kiss gives you a how-to page with descriptions. If you want more and type first kiss step by step guide you get a different result with more specific websites. I would advise against investing time and effort into short keywords for your blog. You need to drive people who are searching for your content and using long tail keywords, where you should be as specific as you can.



Why do people search using long tail keywords?

Usually, when people can’t find anything useful with a short keyword, they try using longer ones and at the end they land on blogs optimized for long tail keywords. Then they’re happy to get the information they were look for. From a different perspective, short keywords can affect your SEO negatively, because then people will leave your site by pressing the back button if your site does not deal with their topic of interest. If this happens your bounce rate increases, which is not so good. The bounce rate means visits without viewing 2 pages on your website. Don’t be afraid if you have a bigger number than 0. I think it’s ok to have bounce rate up to 50% of total visits. When bounce rate goes towards 60% you should take a deeper look to investigate things on your blog. Maybe your long tail keywords are not long enough or not specific enough. Generally long tail keywords bring entail relevancy.

You can try a free trial for searching long tail keywords here:

Using long tail keywords will help you create quality and converting a website. Also, the googlebot that crawls your site loves long tail keyword phrases, so use them!



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