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Two weeks ago I have registered on Triberr because Renaud asked about my presence there. That was the first time I heard about Triberr.

I had some doubts about Triberr but it touched my heart in the first five minutes. I like this site very much. I have several social network accounts and I can use in Triberr the followings: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon. I’ve already seen Pinterest sometimes but it depends on the author (if the author uses the Triberr plugin).


How Does Triberr Help You?

First of all it’s not a selfish game to play on Triberr. You share and you are shared. It has a huge potential of driving visitors to your blog and your blog posts are even advertised on different social networks by other users on Triberr.

The web traffic generator machine does not work until you start to share content from other users.


Is Prime membership worth?

I would say no for the beginning. You need to get some experience and become follower of some tribes. If you have luck or you are social fanatic than you can become member of some tribes in a very short time.

My favorite function of Triberr is available only with prime membership. This function is the auto-share. You can put auto-share on maximum of 25 members with prime membership. It’s very comfortable.

Furthermore every prime member have an own automatic tribe.


Recommended tribes on Triberr

The best way is to register on Triberr with Twitter account. I would recommend the following tribes to follow:


What do you think? Is the maximum of 25 auto-shares enough or more would be needed? If you have recommendation for any tribe to join on Triberr please feel free to share it here.



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