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You remember the old DOS times when you had to type every command manually? Probably you liked and used Norton Commander a lot because you were lazy as me.

Norton Commander is a text user interface based file manager. To run it, you had to enter “nc”.

As time passed, text user interface had been changed to graphical user interface, and Norton Commander disappeared. The new version was Windows Commander, the predecessor of Total Commander.

Total Commander is a good file manager for Windows, but it’s not compatible with Linux, though of course you can use Wine.

There is a native solution on Linux operating systems, the Midnight Commander.

Midnight Commander has pure retro style and it’s a great file manager. It has a similar look to the Norton Commander. I have used it on Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu and I think it’s available on all Linux distributions.


How to install Midnight Commander

Follow the steps to install MC on Fedora or CentOS operating system:

  • 1. If you use graphical user interface then press right click on desktop and open terminal window
  • 2. Become root by typing: su – [ENTER] (you need root password)
  • 3. Type: yum install mc [ENTER]
  • 4. Press “Y” then [ENTER]


Follow the steps below to install MC on Ubuntu:

  • 1. If you use graphical user interface then press Control+Alt+T to open terminal window
  • 2. Become root by typing: sudo su [ENTER] (you need root password)
  • 3. Type: apt-get install mc [ENTER]
  • 4. Press “Y” then [ENTER]

Now you can run Midnight Commander by typing “mc“.

If you can’t install Midnight Commander on Ubuntu then run apt-get update command when you are root and after follow the guide from step 3.

Midnight Commander on Windows

There is a Windows version of Midnight Commander, you can download it from here.

I think it’s better to use Total Commander on Windows even though Midnight Commander is a great file manager but it’s mainly for Linux if you like using text user interface.



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