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Top 3 Google Glass Parodies On Youtube In 2013



One of the biggest technological sensation is the Glass in 2013 and 2014. The hype is big and internet society can’t stop making fun of the Glass.

The Glass has two Editions. The Google Glass Explorer Edition is available for testers at a price of 1500 USD since 2013. There will be a cheaper edition for consumers in 2014.


Top 3 Glass Parodies


1. Google Glass Sucks!

Google Glass Sucks

It’s a very funny parody of the Glass. A guy wakes up wearing Google Glass. He gets a call from his friend while he is sitting on the toilet. Then he leaves his flat and the adventure begins.

Link: Google Glass Sucks!


2. Google Glass: Don’t Be A Glasshole

Don't be a glasshole

You can be smarter than everyone. Nobody will play Trivial Pursuit with you. Even you think you rock, girls don’t like you more.

Link: Google Glass: Don’t Be A Glasshole


3. Google Glass Photographer

Google Glass Photographer

Glass for photographers. Very funny.

Link: Google Glass Photographer


Making Google Glass parodies

There are several Glass parodies already on the internet and there will be much more to come in 2014. Google Glass Consumer Edition will be launched and thousands of videos will be uploaded on Youtube.

I think the Glass will bring great opportunities of creating videos and photos. The Glass brings us new dimensions of video making.

My favorite thing to that even a parachuter or an acrobat can wear it without any problems.

Let’s prepare for the raise of social media sharing. While we are happy if we get our new Glass, some privacy issues should not be forgotten.

Even just wearing or making videos you must use your high-tech stuff in ethical ways. You should not hurt anyone’s privacy.



You can read more about how to protect yourself when wearing Google Glass and about Glass price and possible legal limitations.



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