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Today is the 111th day of blogging. I am still on an abandoned island in the blogosphere. I have seen some other bloggers but my biggest friend is Wilson the volleyball.

I have learned that I’m alone in this blogging stage. How long should I wait to have any success with my blog? I think it’s not just me who has this question but there is no answer.

I have learned that I shouldn’t ask more. You can jump into the time-eater machine when you are looking for answers on You need the blogging stage of “asking” but there is a time when you receive the same answers for your all questions.

When you feel this, it’s time to write more posts and have more confidence.

No one told blogging is easy. When you start a company you have to build it putting your money and your time at risk until it starts to generate some profit.

Same here. Blogging is the same as building your company and investing your energy while you are in the hope to gain visitors.

You must enjoy building your blog otherwise you will quit from blogging before you had even started.

I think if you had Lego and you loved to build things not following the manuals then you can enjoy blogging.

I have learned that blogging is really not one night success. It has a real preparation period when you are just building your blog for future organic traffic.

I’ve found an article about the first six months. In the first six months of blogging generally there is no organic traffic.

Well I will know it in three months probably.

I wish you best of luck friend and do not read blogs too much. You can put yourself to a rat race.

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