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I’ve found Pixelhub.Me accidentally when I was exploring the web right after I’ve just registered on About.Me.

Please click here if you want to read more about submitting your feed to About.Me.

Pixelhub.Me is a great place to create a website for free. They offer standard and premium memberships too.

The following features are included in the free subscription:

  • You can create up to four menu sections.
  • You get responsive layout by default.
  • The site hosting is free.
  • Automatic social media updates.

Your Pixelhub site is not ad free and you can’t use own domain until you buy the standard or premium membership.

I had a problem with login because I have generated a password for the site but forgot to save it. Yes, I’m a noob. However I was searching the “Forgot my password” button or anything similar but I’ve found nothing.

Update: Per Schmitz wrote me he had solved the password recovery issue. It’s working now.

I’ve contacted the support and they have helped me to log in. I have to tell their support is great.

While editing your profile you can add and edit the following details:

  • Text: simple text, links, headlines, html.
  • Images: Upload or Drag&Drop.
  • Video: Embed from Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Social Media Feed: RSS feed, Blogger, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.
  • Link to Website or Service: you can add links to your sites.
  • Contact info: contact details, map, vCard, email form.


Your RSS on Pixelhub.Me

You can submit your RSS feed to Pixelhub.Me by adding Social Media Feed then selecting RSS feed. You can even set how many posts should be seen in your RSS.


The site provides easy editor to add or edit your profile details. You can build from one page website to big one.

Here you can check my one page website on Pixelhub.Me.

I think if you need a nice platform to introduce yourself then Pixelhub.Me is a great choice. You also get some backlinks from there.



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Balazs Hende
I am a blogger and the founder of this site. I have started sparesome.com on October 1, 2013. Have a pleasant stay here!

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