StumbleUpon is good to drive traffic to your website for free

StumbleUpon is Good to Drive Traffic to Your Website for Free



After starting your own blog it’s really problematic to drive traffic to your website at no cost. You ask your friends and family members to check your site, but that’s not enough. You can utilize StumbleUpon from the very beginning to drive some traffic to your website for free.

One of my favorite bookmarking sites is StumbleUpon because your content can go viral on StumbleUpon. That makes it a good alternative to driving traffic to your website for free.



Why is StumbleUpon Good to Drive Traffic to Your Website for Free?

You do not need to be in search engine results, because StumbleUpon works independently from search engines. You can bookmark a website, a blog post or a YouTube video. Your likes will be shared to other StumbleUpon users and they can like your post too. Your site will be shown more frequently to users if your page has more likes.

You can use the “Stumble” button to check random pages added to StumbleUpon previously. It is great fun if you have some spare time.


How to Get Started with StumbleUpon?

The registration is fast and easy. You can register with your Facebook account or you can create a new user account on StumbleUpon. You can start immediately to stumble websites after registering.

You can click on the top right corner and select “Add a page” from the dropdown menu. You can simply copy & paste the URL, write some tags, and mark it as “safe for web”.


Why is It so Good?

Your page can go viral if you receive lots of stumbles (likes). This is why StumbleUpon is good to drive traffic to your website for free. It has high authority.

The pagerank is 8 / 10 and it is more than 11 years old.

Please note: StumbleUpon may be great, but it can increase the bounce rate of your website.


Workaround for StumbleUpon Algorithm

You should not stumble your own posts on StumbleUpon!

StumbleUpon can block your stumbles if you stumble your own posts. A good workaround is offered at if you do not have a network of friends that stumbles your posts.


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