Why did I start blogging?

Why Did I Start Blogging?



Recently I’ve been thinking about the main reason for why I started blogging. Actually I can’t give one primary reason. It’s like a mixture of several reasons.

I read some articles about big names in blogging and I realized that most of them didn’t know where they are going. The only thing they were sure about is that they didn’t give up writing.


What do I expect from blogging?

Well, I really don’t know at the moment. I want to provide some value to the visitors of my blog. I really like to share information and experience to make things easier. A few years ago I started to create websites but I got tired from doing this for other people so I decided to run my own websites.

The finances were also a big motivating factor to start blogging. I was reading about incomes bigger than 5-10.000 USD per month and I imagined myself as making a few extra bucks and being bored on my yacht. Well, actually it seems I’ll never get bored and I’ll be very happy when I make more than 10 dollars monthly.

Actually the best thing I can do is keep blogging. The most beautiful thing in blogging is the lack of a secret ingredient. There is no strategy that works in every situations. To start blogging is very similar to start a company. You either can fail or become successful.

People who dare risking their time and money can become more successful than others, who don’t. If you have started blogging than you have the potential and chance to run your blog to the top.



How to start blogging

The best way is to buy your own domain with hosting. I would recommend a company Bluehost. You can download and install WordPress. If you can create a nice theme for your blog, then do so or purchase a nice WordPress theme on Elegantthemes.com.

First of all, you always need to have something to write. Good luck and have fun!


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