Radish vs. Gallstones

Are You Sick? Write a Blog and Get Better!



The title is little bit rude, I know. I’m sorry for this. The idea is based on my niche blog about gallstones. I have gallstones and I’ve started to write a blog about my fight. I don’t want to have a surgery and I’m doing natural treatment.

It’s really good niche because you can write about the sickness based on your personal experience. It won’t be cliche because every person is a real story. It’s not like an SEO blog.

The main focus is on your health. You write your blog and it makes your mind stronger because the focus is on you. I don’t tell it will heal you but it can inspire you because you concentrate on your health: how to cure yourself, how to get better, etc.

It can make you self-conscious. It can motivate you to try methods proven by success stories. Maybe become healthy again.

The attitude matters. If you have positive approach your mind will help to cure your body.

You can read blogs from other people, you can change experience and you can communicate to each other.

Probably you won’t be alone because people with same problems will read your blog.

However it’s a good question: will you be sicker or healthier if you are surrounded by sickness.

If you examine the financial part of this question you will understand that you have opportunity to make some money to support your treatment.

I’m very happy with my gallstones blog. I had some positive feedbacks in the first 24 hours after the launch from other people who has gallstones.

It’s good feeling when somebody writes that you have a good idea and he will try it. It’s good to help other people. Share your methods to help others.



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Balazs Hende
I am a blogger and the founder of this site. I have started sparesome.com on October 1, 2013. Have a pleasant stay here!

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