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How to Show Product Short Description in Virtuemart 2



I’ve run into a problem with VM Sales extension for Virtuemart 2.

I wanted to show product short description in Virtuemart 2 because VM Sales extension did not show what I wanted.

My exact problem was the following: the list had a part of the full description showed instead of showing the short description.

I have decided to fix it and now I share how to do it:

Please note: the code is working with any type of category list page. It can show product short description in Virtuemart 2. Here I show the specific fix for VM Sales component.

  • Go to the following directory: ../components/com_vmsales/views/vmsales/tmpl/
  • Make a backup of the default.php file there: cp default.php default.php.old (in Linux shell)
  • Open default.php file for editing
  • Around line 503 you find the following:

  • Delete everything between <p> and </p>
  • Add the following code between <p> and </p>:

  • Change databaseprefix to your prefix used in MySQL
  • Change hu_hu to the proper one according to your language
  • Tip: You can check your prefix and language code in phpMyAdmin


I hope it helps. If you have any questions about showing product short description in Virtuemart 2, please feel free to ask here.



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