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How To Write Epic Content? Is it Really Necessary?



I was thinking about the difficulties of blogging and I realized my main weakness. I am sitting in front of my notebook and I’m thinking about the topic of my next post. Sometimes it can take up to hours to get the essence of my upcoming post.

I had a bad feeling about this. I started to investigate why it’s happening and the problem is that I always want to write an epic post. Well, I’m not really there yet, but I’m doing my best.

This is a problem because I waste a lot of time while I’m searching for the right topic and content for my wannabe epic post. I have to tell myself: don’t overthink this because you will have less opportunities.

Well, writing anything that comes to my mind won’t work either, so a golden mean is the optimal target.


Epic content is subjective

On the one hand I don’t think a blog can have epic content only, because we are human and not superheroes. On the other hand the non-epic content can be useful and informative to anybody even if I think it’s not good enough.

Let me give you an example. Recently I wrote this post: CentOS 6.4 Does Not Receive IP Address In VirtualBox 4.3.2.

I think it’s an epic post because I like to play with virtual machines and Linux operating systems but I know much less people are interested in it than in this post: Why Did I Start Blogging?.

Do it - write epic content

We can pin down the problem here: the time and energy investment is not equal to the success factor in the blogging business.

Why is it so? When you work a full time job, you invest time and energy. When you blog, you put in writing skills and creativity, no matter how fast you are. People won’t like your blog more if you invest more time into it.

In the early period lots of bloggers give up. I think one reason is that they force themselves to write epic content and the outcome is not what they expect. Meanwhile they keep reading stuff like this from professional bloggers: “blogging is easy, you can do it, write epic content and the rest will follow”.

But nobody wrote this (or I just haven’t found it yet): “write epic content and the rest will follow BUT do not put your expectations too high because it can really hurt AND the content that is epic to you is not guaranteed to be epic to your visitors”.

It looks obvious, but we do forget simple stuff, and we do not think evident stuff over. Think short, write smart.

I have just realized what I wrote here. I’m happy if it motivated you at least a little bit. I wish you lot of fun and good luck in blogging.


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