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The Sandbox Effect: Bloggers Are Like The Filters For Google



You can read several blog posts about sandbox effect. What would you think if you were the filter?

You have already heard about the Google Sandbox Effect and you are curious about it. Is it really exist or not? Nobody knows it.

Sandbox is some kind of playfield where you can teach your child for some basic things (like how to build a sandcastle). In this story you are the child.

Google doesn’t allow new websites and blogs to be on the top of the search engine result pages because of the fight against spammers. Ok, this is one explanation.

But from the other hand: Google keeps you in the sandbox until you can build a nice sandcastle. Until that moment you need to try it over and over again.

One thing what you have to learn in the Google’s sandbox is: you must learn the way how to communicate to other bloggers. And you definitely need to put comments and reply to the ones left on you blog.

This is one reason why you should comment on other blogs. Blogosphere itself is the filter for successful blogs.

At this point it’s a hypothesis but if you think it over it surely can be that Google developed a self-filtering and self-monitoring system made from bloggers.

The theory about getting backlinks is simple: get natural ones. It is always told by Google and Matt Cutts. The way how you can get it is the commenting system in the Blogosphere. By the way, Matt Cutts has a good talk on TED: Try something new for 30 days.

If you put this back to the sandbox where you are playing now the situation is the following: every children in the sandbox have the same tools to get water for the dry sand but building up an aqueduct is strictly forbidden.

You don’t have to do anything else just keep it playing until you can break the chains of the sandbox effect.



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