Report 2013 Q4

Quarterly Report on Performance (Q4-2013)



I have already created a post report about the first month of

I have started this blog on 1st of October in 2013. I write this report about the traffic data from October 1 to December 31.


Income & Expenses report

I think most of you is very curious about my income. I made less than 10 USD within 3 months time.

My recurring expenses are about 30 USD per month. A maximum of 20 USD is spent on photos every month.


Traffic details

3 months (rounded numbers)

My highest daily visit was on List of Top 10 Christmas Songs with Youtube Links. I had more than 70 unique visitors on 13th of December.

My traffic had started to increase after I posted the Christmas songs post but after 5 days it dropped. I think it can be connected to the Google Sandbox Effect.


Link building and SEO

I haven’t paid a penny for search engine optimization or for link building. I concentrate on onsite SEO and internal linking besides writing quality content.

Some article marketing had been made. Furthermore I use several social media channels: Google+, Facebook, tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter.

My favorite social network is Google+. I use it the most.


Plans for 2014

Let’s say I’m at 5% completion rate. The first stage I want to achieve 500 daily visits.

Blogging will be even easier when I hit that stage. Then the next is the 1000 daily visits.

Something has started already in the beginning of January, 2014. I’m still a little bit unsure about the performance increase but I will definitely write about it in my next traffic report.

One thing is sure: patience is very important especially in the beginning.



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Balazs Hende
I am a blogger and the founder of this site. I have started on October 1, 2013. Have a pleasant stay here!

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