Problems with selling

Problems With Selling



A very interesting discussion I had with my friends last week. One of mine friends had been invited to a multi level marketing stuff. Personally I don’t like MLM because of the following reasons:

  • I do not believe in MLM
  • I can not sell something if I do not have faith in it
  • I do not feel MLM is the right way to me


The discussion

So I was sitting there and I was listening to two of my friends. The one told he has been invited to it and theoretically he will not have to do anything and this money making solution is perfect for lazy people.

My other friend told he doesn’t believe in stuffs like MLM however he knows that he is very lazy.

He was suggested to join and use his social network presence for the business because he has tons of active and real friends on Facebook. He didn’t join. I think he had fear of losing real friends. This is what I can totally understand.


mlm by hb


Is selling evil?

There is a great Youtube video and I saw it on Renaud Gagne’s blog. I was watching the video and it helped me to understand the friend’s answer who didn’t join to the proposed MLM opportunity. However it was surely not scam, it had worldwide name.

I think selling is very difficult job. Selling is not good for everybody because it can turn to be a tool of devil in wrong hands. You can lose friends and relations if you do it to aggressively and it doesn’t bring any success if you are too shy.

From my point of view it was a good decision. Lot of people fails in selling because that job is not their personal decision, they do it because they need the money. I think this is why they can’t be successful in selling.



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