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How to Include a File from Document Root in PHP



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PHP include document root

The most important principle of PHP is to know where we are! While including, it’s very important to refer the file from document root.

In html you type this for an image:

In php you type this to include a file:

But you know what the problem is with the php? That’s right, the path is relative. The html gives exact match but the php tries to swarm the file where the file contains the include code. Your actual php file which tries to include custom_file.php is in your root and the custom_file.php is in directory.

So the solution is to give precise path to the custom_file.php.



The code is:

You can figure out your document root with the following:

It shows you the document root of your domain.

Why does it work differently? Because it can see your server directory structure on deeper level than html does.

This is the funny moment when I recognize that I don’t use a common way of troubleshooting. It’s very annoying when I don’t get some essential information written because of laziness and I’m just trying to get the code executed.




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