• Keep the faith

    Have Faith in What You Are Doing

        Here is a motto for all of us by Mark Zuckerberg: “I think it’s important if you’re going to take on any big challenge, that you just love and really have faith in what you’re doing. That I think is the most important advice I would say.”   Faith by hb   Have […]

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  • php mysql tutorial

    The Easiest Method for Php Mysql Connection

        After browsing through the results of my internet search about “how to connect mysql with php” I realized that there are several descriptions and tutorials. Basically they are more or less the same, though for a newbie trying to code something in php for the first time, the following method might easiest:


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  • Don't get cheap backlinks

    How to Get Easy Backlinks from Other Websites

        Backlinks are never easy to get. This is the hardest thing in blogging. Due to Google Adsense TOS you must rely on organic traffic.   Low quality backlinks by hb   Buying cheap backlinks kills your website. Don’t buy them (not even the expensive ones), please! I’ll be blunt (brace yourselves): there is […]

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