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What is the Optimal Keyword Density in a Blog Post?



Utilization of onsite SEO is a must. You can rely on your site optimization since quality backlinks are difficult to get. There was a time when keyword stuffing worked. Keyword density is still very important today. Google bans your site if you stuff your blog post with your main keyword.



What is Keyword Stuffing?

Stuffing keywords used to be an effective old tactic. An example for keyword stuffing is the following:

“The fishwood is very important because the optimal fishwood is increasing your SEO. Nobody knows the optimal fishwood but you need to take care of fishwood …”

It’s simply tedious to read. However, placing the keyword a hundred times in the footer using background color was the worst method. You have to avoid both methods since Panda is watching you.


What is the Optimal Keyword Density?

Nobody knows the exact numbers. The density needs to be somewhere between one to five percent. I think a long tail keyword is better than a short keyword. Keyword density will take care of itself if you keep your content relevant. Synonyms are very good too. You can use synonyms to keep the keyword density.

My density is generally around one or two percent. To be honest I really don’t know if it’s good for my articles. Time will tell it.


Do not Write for Robots

You should write for your visitors, not for crawling bots. Several indicators affect your search engine result. If you write for bots, you will have a high bounce rate. Bounce rate shouldn’t be higher than fifty percent. If it’s higher your results will drop. Page views need to be higher than unique visitors.

Google makes the crawling bot smarter and smarter. You can have bad experience if you try to cheat it. I definitely recommend to write relevant and visitor friendly content. The results will follow.

Here you can check keyword density of a published article.


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