222 years

You Would Be Dead If Everyone On Earth Gave You One Cent



Please note: bank transfer is not an option in this example.

What would you do if you have ~70.000.000 USD? It would mean that you have received 1 cent from everybody on Earth.

A long queue and everybody wants to give you one cent …

Probably you would die around 30.000.000 USD because it needs 95 years to be done (without sleeping & eating).

My calculation: people; transaction time is 1 second each -> it can be done in 222 years

Do you want to “work” for 222 years without a break?

We can make it even more real. Let’s imagine that you have to say “Hello” and “Thank you” to everybody. The transaction time would go up to 5 seconds. You would need to work for 1110 years without eating anything or sleeping!

You could make 864 USD a day (1 second / 1 cent).

Ok, but you want to live and sleep. So you receive one cents in 8 hours a day. It’s 288 USD a day.

You work 20 days per month. It’s 20 * 288 = 5.760 USD a month.

It’s not too much but you can live on 5.760 USD per month.



How to make money without asking for one cent from everybody on Earth?

Please note: bank transfer is enabled from now on.

If you start a blog you can have ad blocks on your website. The question is: how many visitors you need to reach the 288 USD per day.

The conditions:

  • 1 cent per click
  • click through rate is 2% of the visitors
  • 1 visitor generates 2 pageviews
  • number of visitors is constant

You need to have 720.000 daily visitors on your website to generate 288 USD per day.

Now we make it more realistic and we increase cent per click to 50. You “just” need to have 14.400 daily visitors.

Please note: CPC means Cost Per Click.

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