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This is a social widget I use on my blog, you can find it in the right sidebar on the top. I think it’s very nice and easy to install and customize. I was looking for a plugin that offers share options for Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter page. I read a little bit more on Metro style social widget website and I tried it. The whole install and config took together 3 minutes. I was really amazed. It can have Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube and RSS icons and as a plus you can turn on showing follow/like buttons.

It helped me a lot because I was thinking of coding one nice social widget for my blog but luckily I wasn’t bold enough to create one without searching for alternate (or mainstream) solutions. I would have been very disappointed about my Google skills.

If you would like to offer your visitors alternate possibilities for social sharing to follow you, you can easily add separate widgets to your sidebar using the common way. I don’t use the follow/like button option because I have minor css problems with it but I’m too lazy to get it fixed (or maybe I couldn’t).

Metro is a good style I think. I don’t have problems with the Windows 8 start menu what introduced this style. I saw several themes on theme selling portals similar solution for separate parts or on the whole theme. Basically you don’t have to run a website or blog with full metro style to use this widget, it can be enough to have colorful design where the widget looks nice.

Finally the social sharing option is very important because search engine traffic can be cut by an angry panda or pinguin just in a few seconds. The risk of Google updates are smaller when you stand on social networks beside organic traffic.

Have you tried social widgets like the one I wrote about? What is your experience?



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