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Too Much Perfection Kills Blogging


To be or not to be perfect? However good it may sound, being perfect prevents us from becoming successful. You keep on thinking about the points of development, and it kills the action. Without action there is no effect. If there is no effect, there is no need for development. If there is no need for development, why do you want to be perfect?

But then if you don’t think about perfection, you won’t be successful because you can’t create good quality.

So what is the solution?


How to mix perfection with action?

To find the golden mean is very difficult, but not impossible. “Being enough” or “Being successful” is much better than “Being perfect”. Stop thinking about “Being the best” because this is not about sport challenges. It’s totally ok when you want to be good at playing tennis or football. Here I’m talking about the approach to everyday living. These are all different things: to be a perfect friend, to be a perfect father or a perfect mother, to be a perfect blogger.

It takes a lot of unnecessary energy to be perfect. The sad thing is that we cannot be perfect: we are only humans. We make mistakes, all of us. They might be smaller or bigger ones, but they do occur.

Now a few words about blogging. When we are afraid to make mistakes – what people will comment on our posts – we won’t be able to write any unique stuff. We will write very cautiously, providing only dry and insignificant information to our visitors.

A good strategy would be simply doing your best without aiming for perfection. You always want to produce the perfect blog post, even though it can only ever be near-perfect. How to do it then? You set up a schedule. You set the title, do some research and then write your post. Your post will not be perfect, but visitors who come to like your mistakes will grow to be your readers.

Let’s see an example. You want to write about “how to start a blog” with 1000 words and 2 pictures in 3 hours. You start to research but you do it for only 30 minutes. This half an hour is enough to collect important information and enough to find 2 images. Of course if you don’t have a clue how to start a blog, it will take much more than 30 minutes but basically you write about things you know. You still have 150 minutes to write a great article with your selected title.


Being enough

It helps your mental well-being. When you are satisfied with yourself, you know you can develop and you’re not frustrated about it, then you are on the right track. This way of thinking will grant you mental equilibrium on the long run.


Being successful

Unsuccessful people usually want to be successful. First, they feel good and creative enough. Then they want to be successful so they start to think as other successful people. It takes time, it’s a long process. How they can achieve that? They do lots of mistakes but they never give up.


The power of mistakes

The road to success is paved with mistakes.

On one hand making a mistake is the best thing that can happen to you. Once it’s done, we are know how to avoid it and its possible consequences. Then we will have this advantage over others who haven’t done the same mistakes and perhaps cannot avoid it in the future.

On the other hand you are getting closer and closer to perfection by making mistakes exactly because you want to be successful. If you aim for perfection then you won’t do any mistakes. But if you won’t do any mistakes, you can’t get closer to perfection. If you don’t get closer to perfection, you can’t be successful.

In the end it’s simple. Aim to be successful, and the rest will follow you!


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