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MLM Without Contacting Friends And Family Members



“I don’t want to join any MLM company because they push everybody to join or buy something!”

That’s true, I don’t like that either. But now please forget this old school strategy. I will show you how you can be successful in the MLM business in the 21st century without stressing your friends and family members, or even without contacting and recruiting anybody.


Don’t trade your friendships for your downline

It’s my golden rule. Your friends and family members are not your opportunity bags.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” – Warren Buffett


How can I reach people with an MLM opportunity?

You have a magic wand, it’s called the internet. You can do the following things (the more, the better):

  • write a blog
  • create a website
  • write an ebook
  • create video blog


What is the common aspect of the above?

All of them can be found on the internet by anyone. Yes, you can reach anybody on the internet. Anybody can join your team.


Who will read your blog or website?

People who are interested in an MLM opportunity.


“But it’s too much work!”

Yes it is. Theoretically in a legal MLM business you must work first, then receive profit. It’s not a happy box with endless money. It’s not a good model where you simply invite others to join and you promise them a happy box, that would be a pyramid game.


“I wrote a blog post but nobody reads it”

Blogging is not a one night success. More people will sign up to your team if they see that you have trust in what you offer and you put some effort in it.


The following articles may help you


The secret of your MLM success is duplication

I know it’s easier to tell your mom to join to your downline but it’s a dead end. You must do something that can be easily and effectively duplicated.

Tell the secret

Example – no internet: you start with your family members, then your friends, and finally you burn up your neighborhood. No people left, everyone will just run away from you. Some people regard MLM workers like they are contagious.
I know there are people who can do this “classic MLM strategy” very well but the really successful people let their team include their family members and friends. They are smart, aren’t they?

Example – internet: you join an MLM and you start to write a blog about it, you create a website, maybe a youtube video. People who search for MLM possibilities will probably find you after a time. Other people will be your “duplications” in the MLM system. Nobody will stress anybody with any kind of “opportunity speech”.


The key is the success of your team

People in your team are not your cows to be milked. Their success is your success. You can only be successful if they are successful.

Help to be successful


Only sell products you would buy

Randy Gage writes in one of his books that don’t sell anything what you wouldn’t buy because it’s cheating. The marketing system shouldn’t be valued above the product itself. You won’t be able to do this business in the long run.

  • You have to offer valuable product.
  • You have to trust in what you offer.



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