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Probably you have already read something about Google Sandbox Effect. Probably you were wondering about the connection between page count on a website and performance in search engine results pages (SERP).

I have analyzed the a few websites and I have set up a theory. I can’t prove at 100% that I’m right and I don’t say this is the main factor.

The number of pages are important in the SERP competition.

What does it mean? You can’t be in the Google Top 10 making a website with 5 pages if you target a competitive keyword.

Why? Because website with few pages is too thin to beat the competition. The more competitive keyword you target, the more pages you need to have.

Can it be the reason for adding new content to your blog? Yes. I think when Googlebot considers your website as a blog, you need to add new content always to keep its size increasing.

Is it possible to compensate the number of pages with link building? No, it’s not possible. I think you will just increase your “spam factor” by building thousands of links on your thin website. Thin site usually has thin link structure.

Minimum page count can’t be specified because it depends on the keyword and the competitors. If you target a keyword with low competition then it’s possible to hit the Google Top 10 with even a thin website.

It’s important to have quality content on your website. The quantity is important but not only the words on one page that you want to put to Google Top 10. You need to concentrate on the quantity of your pages as well.

Do not underestimate the importance of the minimum page count on any of your websites. The number of pages is the main mirror of your site size.



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