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The Minimalist Guide to Having a Virtual Local Phone Number



DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number is a direct line between two telephone switchboard provided by a telephone company. It’s a great service for setting up your own call center. Need a Spanish or a UK phone number? It’s easy to turn your smart phone into a portable call center if you purchase a virtual local phone number.


How to Buy Virtual Local Phone Number

I use the service provided by The virtual phone number works as a real local phone number. Callers pay local rates for the call.

After you finish the registration process, you need to upload some balance. A 10 USD payment is enough for the first month. Then you can buy your first DID number.


About the Fees

Basically there are three types of fees:

  • Activation fee
  • Monthly fee
  • Per min

All fees depend on the country. Some virtual phone numbers don’t have activation fee but some of them have higher monthly fee.


Creating a SIP Account

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a standard communication protocol of Voice over IP. A SIP account can be linked to a device with a password, a caller id and a few other customization settings.


How to Setup the SIP Client

There is an official setup guide page where instructions for iPhone, Android and PC apps can be found.


Acrobits on iPhone

It’s easy to use this great app but it’s not free:


Sipdroid on Android

It’s a free and good software. It was a little bit less comfortable to use than Acrobits.




Advantages and Requirements

It seems very professional to have a local phone number because your customers feel that they call a kind of professional service provider. The SIP needs internet with good bandwidth. I recommend to have at least 3G mobile network connection.



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