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Maximum Of 5 Clicks Under Search Queries In Google Webmaster Tools



Every time when I login, I see maximum of 5 clicks under search queries in Google Webmaster Tools. The impressions number is growing with small drops but clicks number has never exceeded five.

I made a little research and found the reason. Google Webmaster Tools gives rounded number so it gives 0 or 5 for low volume. I think Google somehow prevents new websites to be too often in the search result pages.

Maximum of 5 clicks under search queries in Google Webmaster Tools

I feel there is a kind of limitation because my blog is new. I have started on October 1, 2013 and the domain is more than two and a half years old.

I have published 36 posts and every article has at least one image and a minimum of 300 words length content.


How it can happen?

I think it happens because of Google Sandbox Effect. Sandbox Effect checks two very important factors:

  • Active age of a domain
  • Competitiveness of the keywords used in links

Active age of a domain means the first date the website being indexed by Google. It’s important to know: not the registration date of the domain matters.

Competitiveness of the keywords used in links: you can rank easier on keywords with lower competition. From Wikipedia: the higher the search frequency of a word, the increasing likelihood that the sandbox filter effect will come into play.


How will I come out from Google Sandbox?

I keep writing blog posts. The longest time I’ve seen is 18 months. I have to wait only maximum of 16 months then but I read it’s possible to deal with Sandbox Effect in 3 months as well.

It’s interesting because I have a local website and I haven’t had any Sandbox Effect there. However the effect can be reversed by commenting on other blogs and getting backlinks so I keep doing what I’m already doing.


Important update: First Retroactive Google Webmaster Tools Update in 2014


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