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If you have at least some semblance of experience in living life then you know what marketing is. You can write two posts a day and wait for the miracle to happen. Probably it won’t happen. You will find yourself in a dark room with 800 posts. Your organic traffic is roughly 100 daily visits. By the way, it would be lovely to have 800 blog posts.

Let’s say your neighbor has a blog too. He writes two posts a week. He has 300 posts and every blog post contains 500 words. He has good organic traffic.

Suddenly you realize: your neighbor has 2000 daily unique visitors. You wait until dusk, raise your hands to the sky and shout: “Why?”.



What is the Difference Between the Two Methods?

What is the difference between you and the other guy? Does he have better content? No! Does he have better meta tags and more images? No! So what?

It’s just that you only concentrate on posts. You don’t have enough potential to drive visitors to your blog because you don’t have backlinks.

Your neighbor writes two posts a week and five articles under various directories.

What is the difference? He makes a bunch of shit every week. I tell this because ideally we shouldn’t have to build backlinks in a perfect world. Unfortunately we don’t have a choice. We have to make loads of them every week.

Quality backlinks need to be made because they make your SEO stronger. Quantity doesn’t matter? What? Bullshit. Quantity of quality backlinks counts too. Who creates a backlink to your content? Who writes a 400+ words article about your post and link back to your blog? Maybe your closest friends will do it, though it’s highly unlikely. So who will write it? That’s right, you will.

Google differentiates between websites in serp. One main indicator is the number of backlinks. Honestly it’s quite obvious to have some key performance indicators, otherwise it would be impossible to make difference between websites.

So yes, essentially we have to make a bunch of shit every week to survive.


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