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How to Make Passive 100 USD Monthly With a Website



Are you in the mood to make passive 100 USD monthly with a website? You will need to have a working Google AdSense account to do this. If you don’t have one you can apply here to get approved with AdSense.

You don’t need to have a blog once you have a working AdSense account. You can have a simple html website to make money online.

People – who have some online success – say that it is worth to think big and go worldwide with your website. It depends.

You can create a website for your country if AdSense is supporting your native language. Why do I suggest you to buy country level domain and create a national website?

Think it over!

The competition is very big on the international market but the challenge is even bigger as a content publisher. Most of the people are targeting the international web, especially US market. A number of people are targeting national market as well because the competition is smaller.

In most of the cases it’s easier to find uncovered parts locally then it’s easier to make passive 100 USD monthly with a website.

Log in to your Google AdWords account and use the keyword finder tool.

Start to think about words, sentences that people usually search online in your country. Search for expressions (keywords) with medium or low competition level. Don’t worry if there is 0 USD CPC (Cost Per Click – the amount you earn after a click). You can still have ~0.02 USD CPC in average.

Let’s say you find a keyword with 5000 monthly searches and 0 USD CPC. You create a small niche website around it. You need to get natural backlinks then wait to be in the top 10 in Google search engine results page.

Now a short math if you are in top 3: you can get ~30% of the 5000 searchers, it’s 1500 visitors. If your website is built cleverly then you can have 3 pageviews/visits in average, it’s 4500 pageviews (and impressions for your ads). You optimize your AdSense ad positions well so you can manage to have 4% CTR (click-through rate), it’s 180 clicks.

Probably you attract ~4500 more pageviews from synonyms, so you have 9000 pageviews and 360 clicks. If the keyword you chosen doesn’t have CPC then you would earn about (360*0.02) 7.2 USD in a month.

It’s not so much, you would need to make 13 more similar websites at same conditions.

But let’s check what happens when you find a keyword with the same conditions with 0.30 CPC! Then it would be (360*0.30) 108 USD per month.

This method can also work on international web but I’d experienced bigger difficulties than on local markets.

It’s not easy to make passive 100 USD monthly with a website but once is set up you just need keep your good search position.

However you feel there is nothing to be found, I have to say there is always something.



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