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How to Make Money Online without Affiliate Marketing



Lot of people goes into berserk mode to sell something on the internet. The theory is simple, it’s like a marketplace without walls and it can be expanded without limits but the problem with this marketplace is the product itself. There are – let’s say – normal affiliate programs where you buy a domain and when somebody else buys one and you can get discount when somebody refers to your id. There are also good affiliate programs on Squidoo blog site with Amazon products. You write a review about a product on Amazon and people can buy it going to Amazon website.

There is a more aggressive method of affiliates when the affiliate turns to offer thin air. You are watching shiny videos about making money with affiliate programs and they are telling you that they will share the secret with you, then you will be the part of a marvellous team. Yes, you can be a team member and you are able to make money online with affiliate marketing but the problem is that you are in the marketplace together with other members and all of you is selling the same product. This product is very special because the product is the “how-to sell it”. If you have a customer, he will surely stand next to you in the virtual marketplace to sell the same product. I don’t say it’s bad but I don’t want to push people to buy how-to from another people. No matter how high is the commission rate. More people is selling the same product, the less value it has.

If you are creative and active enough you can try to build your own network selling your unique “how-to” product because you can be far more successful than selling how-to products made by other people.

I remember that we had been in a pub with friends around the year 2000. An old friend of a friend came. When we asked about him he started to promote some mlm business opportunity. Our funny evening almost turned to be a ruined one but fortunately the guy had to leave soon.



How come people earn so much online?

They are probably selling their own how-to products on the internet. Personally I have never heard about anybody who became rich by selling thin air.

Internet business is not like a money making machine which doesn’t need human intelligence behind it. You must work on it, you need to set up your selling platform anyhow. You must add content to your website to sell anything.


How to make money online without affiliate marketing?

Google have started a great advertising network in 2003. Google AdSense is a great system and you can make money with AdSense. The registration is totally free. You don’t have to pay anything. When you apply to become an AdSense publisher you have to submit a website for review.

When I had submitted my first site it had seven pages. It wasn’t a blog but a simple webpage with some interesting information. Google had accepted my application and my site went live. Guess how much did I earn? I had ten daily unique visitors so I made 1 dollar per month. That site was a dead end so I’d decided to shut it down. I’ve realized a blog site is highly recommended to make money online with AdSense.

The best thing in AdSense ads is that you don’t have to sell anything directly, you don’t have to push anybody to buy something. You just write your blog posts and you earn some money when people click on your ads. It’s so simple and you don’t have to stress your environment. Good product can sell itself without promotion. Your product is your blog and you can make money online without affiliate marketing with your blog.


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