Small steps lead to big results

Learning From Bad Habits: Small Steps Lead To Big Results



Sometimes to take small steps you need to make one big change.

Always the beginning is the most difficult part. A dream was chasing me for a long time but I was fleeing. Two weeks ago I’ve decided to stop running away from my dreams. I made one big change and several small ones.

I’m going to write down what I mean.


Building own freedom

I’ve made a big change in my life. I felt I’m living in false freedom and the life is not controlled by me. It was the false freedom of smoking.

The reason is not health and the other blabla.

The reasons are:

  • Smoking steals time however it helps kind of social activities (at work)
  • I would like to smoke tobacco for my money and I don’t want to smoke hundreds of unspecified chemicals
  • It slows down activity level (personally I didn’t feel enough motivation to make small steps)
  • The freedom of choice


So I’m destroying the false freedom and I’ve started to build my own.


Learning from bad habits

What kind of freedom I mean? I have better view on my needs since I don’t feed my addiction. And I’ve started to feed my needs instead of my addiction.

Something had started already years ago when I stopped playing a very addictive mmorpg game. The only one thing what I’ve learned from it is time management. I wanted to free up time to play that game and wanted to get the most from the game because I had less time than my clan members.


Small steps lead to big results

I believe in that. It happened yesterday that I went to eat a fast food and I didn’t get my bonus points on my card. I made a complaint but they told me the points will be written on my card in 24 hours. Today I’ve checked and there was no plus points on the card. I went back to make a complaint just because of the points.

It’s funny I know. Maybe if I would still smoke, I’d just leave it. But I want to live in my own freedom and don’t want to be controlled by circumstances.

I believe small steps lead to big results. You do not have to make big changes, even small ones will make your life better on the long run.



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