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Why You Should Use LastPass to Secure Your Privacy



Yes, I know Gmail is secure and you can set up a 2 steps authentication (which is highly recommended), but what will you do if your PayPal is hacked?

LastPass is a great tool to keep your passwords safe. There is a master password for the account, the one and only password you should remember.

You can install LastPass addon into the main browsers and from that point on the addon handles everything. It means that when you register on a website, you can easily generate a password and it asks you to save the login credentials to the LastPass wallet. When you want to login next time, the login and pass is automatically filled, or you can have it filled by pressing the star icon in the input field.


LastPass login to a website

Filling the login field using LastPass addon in Firefox


It’s very easy to change your password too. You simply change your password on a website and if your profile is already saved in your LastPass wallet, then it prompts you to overwrite your existing login details (you can create a new entry too or cancel the message).

The other great feature is that you can create Secure Notes – it means you can create simple notes and these are secured in your LastPass wallet as well.

The best thing about LastPass though is that it’s free to use, though you can pay for premium membership.


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