What is Kumbuya?

What is Kumbuya and How to Get Free Social Backlink from It?



There is a good social site out there for getting free backlinks. Kumbuya is more than two years old and it has PageRank 4. It’s great to get free quality backlinks from it. The site is similar to Pinterest, however there are some major differences: Kumbuya offers monetization, communities, and you can easily share multimedia content.

You contribute to someone else’s content when you join a community. It makes Kumbuya highly social. You can also create your own communities to get other people contributing.

Selling stuff on the site makes it totally different from other networks. You have to be community member and there is a “Sell a Product” button. You can add a title, price, tax, quantity, limit per buyer, delivery method, shipping fee, delivery details, terms and conditions. Email address and phone number can be shown to the buyer.

It is really user friendly for posting and using. I think it is the question of time for Kumbuya to become more popular.



How to get backlinks from Kumbuya?

You can register on Kumbuya here. Do not forget to approve your registration via the confirmation email.

After registration, go to your name in the top right corner, select “edit profile”, then scroll down to the links. You can add up to three links to your profile page (link type can be: Blog, Other, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Your posts give backlinks as well. You need to be in a tribe, a community to post some content.

It seems to me that Kumbuya is a new start-up, and it has lot of potential. I am a bit sad because I’ve joined a tribe and there were almost no comments below the shared contents, though the domain name had been registered in 2011.


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