Black Friday 2013

It Is Still Not Too Late To Write About Black Friday and Cyber Monday



Are you preparing for Black Friday? It is on 29th of November. It has routinely been the busiest shopping day of the year for the last 8 years.

Some people go on holiday to go shopping because of the big discounts. Some retailers open at 5am to serve the increased traffic.

Here you can find data from Google Trends about the keyword “Black Friday”:

There is big potential of getting some web traffic using the keyword optimization of Black Friday. You can see from Google Trends that it is not so popular but it is skyrocketing in every November.

Last year I read a post written by a guy who optimized his site to drive visitors and he made good amount of money. If you would like to have some additional visits than you should participate in it.

Cyber Monday comes after Black Friday and the Google Trends shows:

Cyber Monday is the next Monday after the Black Friday. Retailers noticed that many consumers like to shop for bargains online that Monday from home or work. This is why Cyber Monday is popular too.

If you have a webshop than you should make some promotion for Monday I think. You could have better sales figures on Cyber Monday.


The official date of Cyber Monday is December 2 in 2013.

I’m little bit sad because it’s not so popular in my country but it has popularity in United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Portugal, New Zealand, Chile, Colombia, Australia and India.


Good discounts on Cyber Monday

I think the discounts give a good chance to order some presents online during the Cyber Monday and you can have enough time to wait for the delivery. It is good to buy presents for Christmas too.

Which one do you prefer: Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Will you buy or order anything on these days?

If you have a blog: do you use the opportunities of Black Friday and Cyber Monday?



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