Make Money With Video Games

How to Make Money With Video Games



Do you like to play games on your pc or on your console? Yes it’s big fun to play video games. I think you have already dreamt about making money with video games. Now you can make money with video games on

First I thought it’s a great possibility to get tiers below me with the link above. I have asked the customer service about the two referral links because they have /r/ and /gr/.

The /r/ is for buyers. So if you use a link with /r/ then the visitor will become a member of your tier system only after a purchase. If the user doesn’t want to purchase then you should give a /gr/ link. I did not get the main point of it but they surely have a good reason.

You can create additional /r/ ref links but you have only one /gr/ ref link. The /gr/ link contains your registered email address and it can not be modified.

Goldmine is the name of the G2A’s referral program. You can read some words about the G2A Goldmine on their website.


Make Money Online After Somebody Buys A Game

So you can make money with video games on Their support is good and it’s operating 24/7.

It’s a great opportunity if you like to play games and you are planning to start a blog about games. You can create customized /r/ links for all games you write about. If you write about Xbox Live 12 Months GOLD PL/EU/US Subscription Card then you use a customized link to this product.

You can write about a specific game or about the G2A weekly sale and you can have different ref links for every destinations.

Do you use similar referral program to make some money online with video games?



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