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How to Make Money with a Blog Using Google AdSense



Google AdSense is probably the first thing that you hear of. AdSense is the most famous Pay Per Click (PPC) network. Many bloggers use AdSense to make money with a blog from home. The application process is not the easiest but it’s not impossibly difficult either. I think it’s because almost everybody tries to run AdSense at first, because AdSense offers a really popular way of making money online. This program has very strict Terms of Service (TOS) and it’s easy to get banned. There are several blog posts about “the life after AdSense”. These include various options for making money with a blog without AdSense.



Why is AdSense better than affiliate programs for making money online?

My problem is that I really don’t know any effective way to make money with affiliate programs. I have read hundreds of blog posts about it but I don’t think I got a 100% clear. I used a country specific affiliate program that was run by a webshop. I had roughly 100 daily unique visitors from search engines on my static website and I had approximately 20 clicks to the affiliate banners but no purchase had been made by the visitors. I have decided to go back to AdSense where the payment per click matters.

AdSense is very easy to configure and you can find tons of blogs, forums, and tutorials about making money with it. It’s a real treasure chest if you have a running AdSense account. You must definitely read the Google AdSense support page before you even apply to the program. Believe me, it is worth reading even if you already have a running account.


Important things to know about AdSense approval

The 5 most important things are: privacy policy page, about us page, to have more than 50 posts, good design, content type and value, paid traffic, top level domain, other ad networks. Ok, sorry it’s 8, not 5. Let’s see them detailed.


1. Privacy Policy

You can’t fail if you have a Privacy Policy page on your site. You should describe how you handle personal information, whether you use cookies or not, your usage newsletter, etc. I think it’s always helpful to have Privacy Policy on your site, plus you can find generators on the internet. So this one’s easy.


2. About Us page

Again, it’s essential to have this on your blog. It builds some trust in your blog and visitors will not be frustrated, because they can have some info about you. You can also put here contact details (mail, social pages), a nice picture about you and a contact form.
Please don’t forget: On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog


3. Post count 50

Don’t think that in these days you will get approved with 5 blog posts on your site. I had luck in 2010 when I applied. The rules weren’t that strict as they are nowadays and I got approved with 7 posts. Please don’t hate me for this. You should set up a schedule for your blogging method. I write posts daily but some people post 3-5 times a week. Get a frequency that is suitable for you.


4. Good design

It’s obvious that you can’t make money with an ugly website or blog. If you can’t make money then Google can’t make any from your site either, so there is no point to approve you. If you can’t make a nice design, I’d suggest to buy a premium template.


5. Content type and value

You need to avoid age-appropriate content. Read more about prohibited content here. Value means uniqueness, and now I’m in the group of people who write in their blogs: content is king.


6. Paid traffic

Avoid it! Don’t use it! No, no, no!



7. Top level domain

Does it look frustrating? Yes, it does. Be sincere when you start something new, especially when you want to make money online.


8. Other Ad networks

You shouldn’t use other ad networks together with AdSense when you apply to the program. After a successful application you can use other ads, but first please read AdSense help: Google ads on the same page with other ads.

I wish you good luck if you have not yet applied to AdSense, and great fun for those who have an AdSense account already!



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