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The biggest moment of a starting blogger’s career comes when the decision happens to create your own blog. You can easily find yourself in a situation where you have to install WordPress manually on your domain. You can find a tutorial video below. The tutorial video and the text is not exactly the same though.



Please note: If you experience difficulties connecting to your webspace or uploading data, contact the support of your webhosting company. The tutorial I made here should work at most of the webhosting providers but it can’t be guaranteed.


Buy a domain and webspace

Buy a domain name that is easy to remember. Together with the domain you must buy a webspace which supports PHP and MySQL (or tell the hosting provider that you want to run WordPress site there).


Download WordPress installation package

Go to http://wordpress.org and download the installation package, you can find it at the right-hand side.


Extract the downloaded package

Right click on the downloaded file. Choose “Extract all” option and memorize the folder path where you extract the files.


Download an FTP client software

I recommend to download FileZilla from here and install it.


Add an FTP connection to your webspace

Run FileZilla and click on the first icon from the left. Click on the icon, not on the downward pointing arrow. I put a red sign on the screenshot:

FileZilla - Site Manager


In the Site manager window follow these steps from a to g:

  • a – Press New site button
  • b – Give a desired name (it doesn’t have to be the domain name)
  • c – Type your domain name here (you might need to put port number there, ask you webhosting company if you are unsure). Put the proper domain extension after the yourdomainname (.com, .net, .org, .biz, etc.)
  • d – Set Logo type to Normal
  • e – Type your username (provided by your webhosting company)
  • f – Type your password (provided by your webhosting company)
  • g – Press Connect button to connect to your webspace


FileZilla setting up new ftp host


Copy WordPress files to your webspace

Go to the directory where you have extracted the WordPress installation files in section B (you can see it in the picture under point 6). When you see the WordPress installation files, press Ctrl+A on your keyboard to select all items in section B (by one click into this section before this step). You will see all files inverted in blue.

Copy WordPress installation files in FileZilla


Completing WordPress installation

Now, after you open your site (your-domain.com), you can see the first page of WordPress installation, all you need to do is to follow the instructions. You will need to have login details for MySQL connection:

  • MySQL username and password
  • hostname, usually localhost
  • database name


Have fun at installing your own WordPress! If you stuck at any point, please watch the tutorial video.



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