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You Should Be Careful While Using Google Glass



Google Glass will be available for end-customers somewhere in 2014. Have you been thinking to buy one? If yes, you need to use it carefully to keep your life private.



Google Glass Privacy

Do you know how dangerous is when you connect to the internet without anti-virus and firewall software? If not try once but probably you will need to reinstall your PC.

I remember when internet had been introduced. The PCs did not have enough defense at these days. Personally I didn’t like the internet in the early days.

Using a Google Glass without knowing the security leaks can cause you big problems.

You don’t need to have anti-virus and firewall software to protect yourself because it’s built-in defense of the system. But you are the one – the software – who can protect you.

If you are careful when you use your Google Glass then you can keep the “Google Glass Privacy”.


The best what you can do is to always think before you use your Glass. Do not use it when your are:

  • driving – It’s forbidden already at some places. Probably it will be forbidden everywhere because it’s capable to distract the driver.
  • naked – If it’s not your job to be naked then it’s better to turn it off while you are taking a shower.
  • at family events – It’s better to be with them than to post your and their private life to Google+, isn’t it?
  • on a rendezvous – The meaning of “rendez vous” is “appointment” generally with your present or future partner. Google Glass is not romantic. Imagine yourself telling poems from the internet to your love. It’s ridiculous.
  • sleeping – Just because it’s useless.


When you go to Google Glass terms page, you can find information about terms of sale and privacy of Google Wallet. You don’t find anything about life privacy because you are the one who is responsible for it. Be smarter than Glass.



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