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Is It Possible to Have Google AdSense on Https Sites?



It is my extreme pleasure to inform you that it’s finally supported by Google. It was a big problem for https website owners because Google doesn’t allow AdSense code modifications. Running http elements on https sites caused some bad looking SSL seals. But now it’s all changed.


AdSense https how to

You can find the official description on the official support page: AdSense ad code support for SSL.

If you are already running http it’s not recommended to run https site instead of http. Https is recommended where personal details must be protected. I think this is the main reason to have an SSL protected website.

What is really good in the SSL compatible AdSense code is that the code is compatible with simple http sites as well.

I had some bad experience with one of my sites where I had to use SSL protection while running AdSense advertisements. My solution was a little bit complicated, but in the end it worked just fine. All of the pages were http with AdSense ads, while some pages were https (where necessary) and these https sites didn’t have AdSense ads. It’s not the best solution, but it was good as a workaround. When I was searching a few months ago for solutions about AdSense https support I found lots of forums and blog posts where people asked for solutions from Google, because the http AdSense code broke the SSL seals. Searching a bit more, I found that only a few ad networks support https so it’s an absolutely great thing to have. Of course there are a lot more sites using http than https and I think this is the main reason why we had to wait for the AdSense https support.

If you can find the time, could you please write a word or two about your experience and survival tactics in the past when there was no AdSense https support?

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