We are getting backlinks! But wherefrom?

Getting Backlinks Used to Be Very Important, but Not Anymore!



The importance of getting backlinks is not as crucial as it used to be. Quantity is not the main leitmotif of this business, but rather quality.



Getting backlinks effortlessly

Now this is something truly difficult. Thousands of websites have artificial backlinks, but it’s not the “natural”, or the healthy way of getting them. Panda, Pinguin and Hummingbird Google updates banned several sites from the top search results, even though they showed “supposedly” natural backlinks. Have you ever thought about ordering backlink services? Please do yourself a favor. Don’t do it. It’s much better to use social networks to promote your blog.

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How my new domain died because of backlinks

I had a blog (already buried it), and unfortunately I purchased an abandoned domain. It had standard price and after I purchased the domain, old backlinks from spam sites started to be rebuilt. First I was very happy to have free backlinks but it hurt my SEO quality. I would suggest everybody to check the internet archive to get some info whether the domain had been used or not. If you find the former content strange, you shouldn’t buy that domain. Probably it will receive spam backlinks.

In the end I stopped that blog because of hundreds of spam links. I couldn’t fight them so I decided to discontinue it.

The other bad method is buying cheap backlinks. You pay around ten dollars for thousands of backlinks. You think it will improve your SEO? Don’t be silly. It won’t; it will only ruin your site.

I have tried one of these services on my dead blog site to have an idea what kind of backlinks I will get. All of them were ridiculous.



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