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1. Introduction: A few words about what newbie bloggers feel

The biggest problem of blogs is getting real traffic. You post your 50th post and there is still no result. You are just sitting there and wondering how could you get real traffic to your blog. Meanwhile you are waiting you are browsing successful blogs and you wish you want to be there.

You want to be in the top section of blogger community. Your brain is getting tired because of too much reading and after a few hours you decide to go sleeping, may the tomorrow bring you new hope.

You wake in the next morning, you start to think about your next blog post. You want to write a big one or the biggest one in world to get traffic to your blog. You have to go to work. After work you start to write your blog post but you have already started to burn out because you don’t have the success what you think you should deserve.

How To Write Epic Content? Should You … Really? No, you don’t have to do it every time. Forget it. Just keep your vision in your mind and keep your blog going on.

On one day, you become impatient because your numbers don’t increase. You want to get real traffic somehow to your blog. You need the secret of successful blogging.

I think if you are reading this article now than you have already started your blog. You know the basics and you already published a few posts on your blog.


2. Basic requirements

Your blog needs the followings:

  • Domain with hosting: you need to have own top level domain with php and mysql hosting. I would recommend Bluehost.
  • WordPress: you need it as your engine. If you have doubts about WordPress please read: WordPress or Joomla. Click here if you need tutorial of WordPress installation.
  • XML sitemaps: without sitemap the break from Google Sandbox is almost impossible.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: you need to register your website here and submit your sitemap here, It’s essential.
  • Google Analytics: you can have traffic reports and it’s essential to place the tracking code on all of your pages.
  • Nice webdesign: to give good impression to your visitors is crucial. If you need to buy a nice theme I recommend to check Elegantthemes.
  • CDN: I use MaxCDN. It speeds up your site.


List of recommended WordPress plugins:

  • CommentLuv: you can reward your readers with a backlink if they write a comment on your site.
  • Click-Fraud Monitoring: it prevents a exclusion from your Google Adsense account.
  • No Self Pings: your internal linking won’t generate “self” comments.
  • Shortcode Exec PHP: you can put PHP codes into posts and pages.
  • Stop Spammer Registration: to prevent spammers from registering or making comments.
  • Triberr: it sends instantly your blog posts to Triberr.
  • WordPress SEO: all-in-one SEO tool. It generates XML sitemap as well. Optimal setup of Yoast WordPress SEO.
  • WP Robots Txt: robots.txt file can be edited in admin backend.
  • WP you can reduce image file sizes and improve performance.
  • W3 Total Cache: dramatically improve the speed and user experience of your site. MaxCDN subscription is required.


I would highly recommend you to use all of the plugins above. I spent days to find the best free plugins for WordPress, now you can get the list in that bunch.


3. Write quality content on a frequent basis to get real traffic to your blog

You have to update your blog from time to time. It’s not a business like setting up something and leave it as is. If your blog is not watered it will become and abandoned desert. Crawler bots and visitors will forget your blog. The work to get back your blog needs hard work so it’s better to keep it maintained.


Set up a plan

A plan is highly needed. Set the frequency level of your posts. I think the best is to post at least one article every day. I try to post every day too, of course I can’t manage it every day. Also set the minimum word count of your posts. Mine is 300 words.

Select your preferred stock photo sites. You need to include at least one photo in every articles. You don’t have to start with credit based sites. SXC is a free stock photo site.


Write good content

Yes it’s easy to say but it’s not that difficult as you think maybe. This is the smallest part of this article. I think it’s very funny that we are speaking here about how to get real traffic to your blog and the posts are the smallest parts. However your content must be good. Without good content we don’t have to discuss all the other stuffs here.

You can also embed Youtube video in your article. If you create a video because of your article you can put a link in the Youtube video description linking to your post on your blog.


Best practices when you write your blog post



You want to get real traffic to your blog posts. The most important thing is to check your upcoming post’s keyword in the keyword planner of AdWords.


Choosing your keywords

You should choose your keyword based on the result in the keyword planner. I read also about a strategy there: it says you should choose keywords with low searches because if your site is new you can get better search results with not so popular keywords. You can use popular keywords when you blog started to gain some authority. It’s not bad tactic anyway.


Placing your keywords

You have to include your keyword in the post title, in the slug (URL), in the article heading, in the meta description and in the content.

You need to place the keyword several times in the content. The ideal keyword density in the content is around 1.5% – 6.5%. This the amount what should be enough to show your keyword to crawl bots and it’s till readable for your readers.

Your keyword density shouldn’t go above 7% because your visitors probably won’t like your post because they will see your content was written for crawlers not for humans. Furthermore crawlers will recognize your post as an overoptimized spam.


Headers in your blog post

Headers are very good to split your blog post to sections. You can use h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6.

The h1 header must be used only once in a blog post. It’s your post title in h1 usually.

Then you can use the other headers. h1 and h2 headers have the biggest impact on seo but h2 should not be used more than 3 or 4 times in a blog post.

For example the current section title is in h4 tags.


Dofollow and Nofollow links

Links are dofollow by default. It means crawler bots follow it. You can use rel=”nofollow” to tell the crawlers not to follow the link. The best is to have dofollow and nofollow outbound links in you blog post.

I saw some people says it’s not good to have outbound links because you will pass your pagerank to the linked websites. But from the other hand you show to crawl bots that you are pointing to relevant websites and you are not selfish. It helps your seo.


Photos in your blog post

I think at least one photo must be placed in a blog post. I think the ideal number would be one photo per 400 words.

Don’t forget to add alt tags to your photos and optimize the size with WordPress plugin. Some of the alt tags need to contain your keyword of the current blog post. You can get real traffic to your blog from Google image search pages too.

It’s a good tactic to rename your images to have some relevant name to your blog post before you upload them.


Blog posts

4. Best strategies to get real traffic to your blog post

Here comes your hard work. You have written a great content with nice photos. You imagine the future and you start to wait the endless traffic raiding your blog. Well yes, it doesn’t happen – let’s say – too often.

The competition is very high because there are millions of blogs and websites on the internet and everybody want to be in the top 10 in Google search. In an ideal world there would be just a few bloggers and their blogs would receive natural backlinks from the starving audience.

You must build some backlinks on your own to get some traffic and give the potential of getting nature links. I don’t recommend to buy backlink services because it can have negative effect on your seo.


Comment on relevant blogs

The best and clear way to get backlinks. Write good and useful comments on other blogs to get them approved by the site administrators. You will receive relevant backlinks in exchange for your comments. CommentLuv is a popular WordPress plugin what is used by lot of blogs to give backlinks to commenters.

For further info please read Why You Should Comment On Other Blogs.


Write articles

You can publish articles on and It’s great to have backlinks from there.


Use social networks to get web traffic to your blog

After you published your new blog post you need to promote it on social sites.

I use the following sites: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Triberr and Tumblr

On Facebook and Google+ don’t forget to create fan pages for your blog to build your brand there. You can also collect likes and followers.

To use social sites are the best way to get real traffic to your blog post for free.


Bookmarking sites

Bookmarking sites can give you strong backlinks and some traffic.

I would recommend these: Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and Technorati.

On reddit you should use anythinggoesblog subreddit if you just want to promote your blog post.

On StumbleUpon you shouldn’t stumble (like) always your content because StumbleUpon will block your content. You need a bunch of friends to promote your blog posts or check out or

If you connect your Twitter account with your Delicious account than your Twitter tweets get saved as Delicious bookmarks so you can save time.

Technorati is in the must have category. I think it’s the best blog feed which reads your rss to get your content promoted there.


Reply comments on your blog

You should reply on almost all comments on your blog if you once approved them. It’s true for the social sites as well.



You need time and patience to get real traffic to your blog. If you need some motivation please read The Secret Of Successful Blogging Is You.

I wish you lot of success to get real traffic to your blog and thank you for reading!



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