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How to Get Easy Backlinks from Other Websites



Backlinks are never easy to get. This is the hardest thing in blogging. Due to Google Adsense TOS you must rely on organic traffic.



Buying cheap backlinks kills your website. Don’t buy them (not even the expensive ones), please! I’ll be blunt (brace yourselves): there is no such thing as easy backlinks! Easy backlinks that help your site SEO score, that is.


There must be some easy backlinks out there

Yes, that’s perfectly true. You can get easy backlinks from social networks and bookmarking sites. You can find a list of social networks and bookmarking sites that I use.

You can write guest posts on several blogs where guest blogging is offered. You should always follow the guidelines and write quality content to attract visitors to your blog.

You can build your social presence by commenting on other blogs. Please take into consideration that there are lots of blogs (almost all of them) where comments have no follow rel tag on links against spam links. You can attract visitors with your comments and this transfer doesn’t pass juice.

Essentially you can build on social networks because nowadays buying cheap backlinks simply won’t work. Therefore I think it’s safe to say that there’s no such thing as easy backlinks. I know, I know, it hurts me too.

I would suggest you to use ezinearticles for writing good content with a backlink to your blog. I use it too. When I have some spare time I write articles and upload it there. If you are not at diamond level you need to write at least 400-word-long texts to have your article sent for review. The review usually arrives between 7 and 10 days. Trust me, it’s worth it. If you are looking for a kind of easy stuff you should check free blog directory sites.

If backlinks would be easy to get, everybody would race for the quantity and the general content quality of blogs would be dropped. At the end of the day, it’s a good thing that there are no easy backlinks on the internet.

I would never outsource link building. How about you?



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