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How to Get Dofollow Backlink from Pinterest



Pinterest is one of the biggest networks for sharing pictures, stories, etc. It’s different from Facebook because it’s for people who love images. You, as a webmaster, can get good traffic from there. You receive Nofollow backlink by default. You have to verify your website with Pinterest, and then receive a Dofollow backlink from Pinterest after the verification process.



Changing the Nofollow Backlink to Dofollow Backlink from Pinterest

You need to login to your account. Click on your name and select “Settings” in the dropdown menu. Go into “Edit Profile”. The last row is “Website”. You have to enter your URL. Download the verification html file. Upload it to your root folder (the folder where index.html or index.php can be found; you can use FileZilla FTP client). Now click “Verify” and it’s finished.

Here is what you see after the verification:

Dofollow backlink from Pinterest - example


Stuff you should know about Pinterest:

  • You can setup Boards and organize pins. You can even set a board to private
  • Create separate Pinterest accounts if you have multiple websites


Pinterest is a high authority website and you can get a free Dofollow backlink. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity. You can register here.


Why is Pinterest good?

Pinterest has more than 10 million users in the US and they spend approximately 90 minutes on the site on average. It has great benefits. You can use it for marketing purposes. Honestly I never thought I’ll have any followers on Pinterest. Now I have some!

I think it’s a must to use Pinterest. It’s very good for promotion if you have images. You must select one image when you pin a URL, then you can enter some text (or a link).

You can use Pinterest together with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr. I think these networks are really good for driving traffic to your website.


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