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Minimalist Guide of A Free to Play Football Game: Fifa World



Important update: EA has announced that they shutdown the servers on July 14, 2015.

Are you looking for a free Fifa 2014 alternative? Fifa World is one of the best for PC. It’s very similar game to Fifa 14 that gives you more options but it’s not free-to-play. Fifa World gives several options to play football matches on your PC.

You can play the following game modes:

  • Online seasons – this is the funniest
  • Single player seasons
  • Single player tournaments

Please use my referral link to register. I will receive a gold pack after five registrations. Gold packages are good upgrades for your team.

Fifa World - Screenshot


How to start to play this great free to play football game, Fifa World? Here is a good strategy for newbies!

You start with a bronze team but don’t be sad, it’s normal. There are three cards: bronze, silver and gold.


Don’t buy too many gold players in the beginning

You shouldn’t buy gold players in the beginning because the gold contracts are expensive. I think the maximum number of gold players in the beginning is three.


Play the first single player tournament before going to online seasons

You can make some easy money with this tournament. The difficulty level is amateur so you can even beat it easily with a pure bronze team.


Create two squads as soon as possible and play both online and single player matches

You can create multiple squads. You will need an A-team to play online and a B-team to play single player matches. My A-team is gold and my B-team is a mixture of silver and bronze players.

Fifa World - Screenshot - Ibrahimovic


The two most important values are: fitness and chemistry

Play online matches with your stronger squad with the highest possible chemistry level if player fitness level is still green. Chemistry is the most important thing in Fifa World. You team perform better if your chemistry level is high. If a player has low fitness then he gets tired quickly during matches.


How to have high chemistry level in Fifa World?

You need to have players with the same nationality or from the same team. I have started my first team with French players because I could upgrade to gold players with less efforts because they are generally cheaper than Spanish players. Now I mainly have Spanish players in my squad.


How to raise fitness for free in Fifa World?

If you don’t want to spend your money for fitness cards then you need to put players to the Reserves (next to the Substitutions of the actual squad). Only the reserve players gain fitness.


Does it worth to buy training cards in Fifa World?

Training cards don’t give permanent boost. It’s not a manager game, you can’t improve your players. I never buy training cards.


I wish you lot of fun in Fifa World. You can register here for free. Thanks for reading! GL&HF


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