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How to Get Free Money? LBT Giveaway!

Have you ever wanted to find some cash? The moment is here! Click on the green button below:

You have to register with a valid email address. You need to click on “Request LBT Bonus” to claim your free money. Please find the screenshot showing the action needed (red underline):

LBT Dashboard

You don’t have to do anything else, the free money is in your LBT wallet.


How Can I Get More LBT?

You see your affiliate ID if you click on “Share Affiliate ID”. There is a loyalty program, check the table below:

LBT loyalty table


What is Let.Bet?

LetBet is an online gambling platform that aims at providing a trustless, borderless, secure, anonymous and fast online gambling platform with zero fee, seamlessly for all participants in a typical online gambling system powered by the LBT blockchain.


Important link about gambling addiction:


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