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Foundation: A Nice Responsive Front-End Framework



Frameworks are always good to use. I needed a fast and easy solution for something I was into at the time. I couldn’t choose a CMS because I didn’t want to use MySQL database. I’ve found Foundation Framework, a really good and useful front-end framework. Here you can find a nice Foundation website example: The Washington Post – Post TV.

Foundation is my favorite front-end framework because it’s very fast and it’s easy to customize. You can find documentations about almost everything in the Foundation Docs: Getting Started section. It is a CSS HTML front-end framework with a built-in image slider, forms, etc.


The installation process is very simple:

  • Download Foundation (you can customize the download)
  • Extract the downloaded file
  • Upload the files to your webspace


That’s all. From this point you can start building up your site based on this front-end framework. There is one CSS file and one main JS file. I like Foundation Framework very much because it’s very fast and it can be easily optimized for PageSpeed.



Why should you use Foundation front-end framework?

It’s recommended to use because the sites based on Foundation are very fast and stable. If you don’t know how to handle users and how to code the necessary modules in PHP and MySQL, then you should use WordPress or Joomla.

You have probably used a grid framework before. It’s a flexible and efficient layout, moreover it’s responsive by default.


How can I set Foundation to be non-responsive?

A small trick can do the job. In the foundation.css file you need to find this (line 87):



You have to modify the width (for example: width: 1000px;):



Now you have a non-responsive front-end framework.



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