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After the First Month: Traffic Report



I’m here after the first month of blogging. It has been started on 1st of October, 2013. You can see above the traffic I had on Sparesome. It is low, but it could be lower. I think it’s good to have this traffic report because it shows that every blog has web traffic problems. My organic traffic in October was almost nonexistent. I utilized Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to drive some visitors to my blog. Apart from Twitter, I started every fan page account in early October. Now I have 93 followers on Twitter so it’s not really applicable to drive big traffic.


Why I Publish Traffic Report

I think it’s helpful to other bloggers. It can be motivating when you see that others’ blogs have difficult starts as well.



I am not a native English speaker, it’s my second language. I’ve considered starting blogging in English for a while because of language difficulties. Fortunately I’ve started it and now I’m very happy with the current result.



I’ve earned less than one dollar in October. It proves blogging is not one night success. I’m sure you have read this before. Well, I can confirm it’s true. Bloggers don’t blog just for the money. That’s the trick.





I’ll continue blogging, it’s not such a bad start. I have a much higher visitor number than 0. It is a big advantage that I have experience in html, css, php and that I had started some blogs in the past but I cancelled them all. These blogs gave me some essential experience that I can use on Sparesome. My current goal is to achieve 500 visitors a day, then it’s on to the next step. I might be able to achieve this in my next traffic report.


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