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Enjoying Blogging is Like World Peace



When I’m surfing on the internet and searching for motivating stuff about blogging I always find the following sentences:

  • Enjoy blogging
  • Be passionate about blogging
  • Do not blog for money
  • Write in a niche you are familiar with

Ok, this is perfectly true, but it’s like repeating the same ideas like the girls do during Miss Universe contests:



Enjoying blogging

I feel myself silly reading the same things every time. It’s perfectly ok that bloggers enjoy blogging. I mean, this is the reason for blogging.

If somebody has no passion in it, he/she will quit blogging after 10-15 posts at most. One of the best tips is “enjoy blogging”. Yes, it’s totally obvious.

Write about a niche you are familiar with? Of course, I can’t write about things I don’t know! Really, I tried, it’s impossible.

Have you ever really wanted to write about stuff you don’t know? Like “How to be grandmother” at the age of 18? Does it work? I think not.

Do you really want to blog for the fun of it and say no for the money you can make at the same time? I don’t think so; if you do, than you have an easy life or other interests.

We live in a world where money is the best tool to keep a human being busy.



World peace?

Yes, I wrote this because in the world of blogging saying “enjoy the niche” etc. is the same as saying “world peace”.

Another favorite sentence is: “content is king”. Actually it’s true, everybody should write unique content. The only problem is similar to the one that musicians have: day after day, there are less “free” threads and topics.

Blogging is not easy anymore and I think it’s totally ok when somebody wants to get some money from blogging. Blogging is also considered as “online business” and wouldn’t think that this is by accident.

I think the best thing that you can do is having faith in yourself and start your own blog.

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